Amman, July 26th, 2006

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

I am extremely grateful to God for the role He has blessed me with in bringing about the Islamic Consensus that is the subject of this present book. However, this consensus does not represent the opinion of one man, one ethnic group, one country, or even a group of countries. It does not represent one school of Islamic Jurisprudence or one school of thought in Islam. It represents a unanimous agreement by all Muslims everywhere as represented by their acknowledged most senior religious authorities and political leaders.In one sense this book brings nothing new, and changes nothing. Islam is the same as it ever was, and its principles are everlasting: belief in the One God; in the Holy Qur’an as His Word; in the Prophet Muhammad–may peace and blessings be upon him–as His final Prophet and Messenger; belief in the five pillars of Islam and six tenets of faith. In another sense it is a unique event which gives the Islamic world something it has not had since the era of the 4th Righteous Caliph and 1st Imam Ali bin Abi Talib–may God ennoble his countenance–namely,a universal consensus and mutual recognition by Muslim authorities from all the major existing schools of thought and factions on what it means to be Muslim and on who has the right to speak authoritatively in the name of Islam.

Its content is not a collection of empty slogans, political grandstanding, or religious demagoguery. Herein the reader will find no malice, no petty rivalries and no hostility. Its content is a message of unity, mutual respect, and brotherhood. As such it is also a definitive answer to sedition amongst Muslims, and a clear demarcation of True Islam in all its forms.

And as all True Islam forbids wanton aggression and terrorism, enjoins freedom of religion, peace, justice and good-will to non-Muslims, it is also a message of good news, friendship and hope to the whole world. I pray that this unique consensus as documented and affirmed in this book will bring us closer to a world where we can be loyal to our religion, live in peace and prosper with all our fellow human beings, and fulfill the purpose for which we all were placed on earth.

Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein