At an official national meeting at the Prime Minister’s office which included His Excellency the Prime Minister, the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in Jordan, and a number of respected members of parliament as well as government representatives, the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood affirmed, in light of this official exchange, that it:

  1. Will adhere to established constitutional principles and binding law; affirms its respect for the democratic system, multi-party politics, and majority opinion; and will uphold peaceful methods and dialogue as principles for dealing with differences and disagreements.
  2. Will absolutely place Jordanian national interests above all other interests, and rejects giving precedence to any other area at the expense of Jordan and its interests, regardless of circumstance or justification.
  3. Clearly and explicitly declares its allegiance to God Most High, then to the nation and the king.
  4. Affirms that it explicitly rejects terrorism in all its forms, whatever its source, and rejects all terrorist acts and practices, especially those that target Jordan and its greater interests, and moreover rejects the terrorist acts that have targeted Jordan’s security, its institutions, and its citizens—in particular the hotel bombings.
  5. Rejects the destructive takfiri ideology in all its forms, and declares its determination to combat this ideology. It also declares it will uphold the con-sensus arrived at by the scholars and thinkers of the Islamic community from all eight schools of Islamic Law in July 2005 (in Amman, Jordan), namely, that whoever follows any of these schools of law cannot be declared a disbeliever, and that their life, property, and honor are inviolable.
  6. Upholds the (Islamic Fiqh Academy’s) Amman Conference (in June 2006) declaration regarding the issuing of fatwas, which affirmed the importance (of the issuing of fatwas), and that it is not permissible for an individual or group to issue fatwas without certain individual qualifications set out by all of the eight schools of Islamic Law.
  7. Explicitly rejects any statements that offend the sensibilities of those who lost loved ones in the Amman hotel bombings, as well as the sensibilities of the Jordanian people as a whole.

The Islamic movement hopes to settle unresolved issues, and reinforce the spirit of trust which strengthens our national unity and national security, and to expend utmost efforts to realize the goals of our people and our Ummah, and to establish serious dialogue as a method of working with the government and with political and civic forces in this country.

And God is Most Great, and all praise belongs to God.