The participants in the Hashemite University International conference: AMMAN MESSAGE IN THE EYES OF OTHERS, held in the University (September 20-21, 2006) acknowledge the significance of the MESSAGE launched by His Majesty King Abdullah II, and recommend the following:

  • Extending sincere thanks and appreciation to HM King Abdullah II for launching AMMAN MESSAGE, which is considered a comprehensive statement of principles and foundations on which future international dialogue and relations amongst cultures and civilizations can be based.

  • Adopting AMMAN MESSAGE as a principal document in the conference, making the MESSAGE known, suggesting proper means for disseminating the MESSAGE, and encouraging its adoption by various academic, cultural, political, social, and economic institutions around the globe.

  • Adopting the concepts and foundations which HRH Prince Ghazi Bin Mohammad outlined on religious creeds, and understanding amongst religions as a basis for the contents and recommendations of the conference.

  • Adopting the Speeches of Their Excellencies, Prime Minister of Jordan, and president of Hashemite University as formal documents in the conference.

  • Issuing a statement in the name of the conferees expressing regret over the statements by his eminence the Pope on Islam and violence, and communicating with Christian religious authorities in order toe emphasize the need to amend the Pope’s discourse on Islam since all heavenly religions stem from the same divine source.

  • Appreciating and supporting the Jordanian endeavors towards coexistence, dialogue and delight in human life, and urging political leaders, intellectuals, academics, historians, researchers and all think-tanks to adopt the MESSAGE as a reform path.

  • Extending a word of acknowledgement to The Hashemite University for organizing the conference, and considering it a referential one.

  • Rejecting all ideologies, practices and calls for extremism, fanaticism, prosecution, discrimination, prejudice and hatred amongst nations, and urging civil society institutions and non-governmental organizations to assume their responsibilities to this effect.

  • Urging Arab and Islamic institutions to find ways and means to present the real image of Islam to the ‘other’.

  • Employing the suggested means and procedures discussed in the seventh conference theme.